Meet The Caine Family

Lyssa, Stephen, Noah and Avery along with Theo are your hosts here at CJ.  The Caine’s are all avid riders who compete regularly.


Lyssa coaches all riders, trains all the horses and directs and oversees all programs, food services, staff and day to day operations of CJ. You may not always catch her on the phone but she is always available by text or email all hours of the day.


Stephen is the operations manager, he makes CJ look beautiful. What ever Lyssa dreams, Stephen can build it! His handy work begins with the elegant stone pillars and wall that flag the driveway. Outside of CJ, Stephen is a full time firefighter and retired paramedic so safety is always our priority.


Noah is in charge of the grounds with 18 acres of mowed lawns. He assist Stephen with all maintenance and he has ridden since he was 4 years old. 


Avery was born on a horse! She is a mini Lyssa, assisting her in all that she does. One day Avery will be taking over the training program. She also aspires to ride in the Olympics - I am sure one day she will!